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Course in Vaastu Shastra

                LEVEL - I

Basic Vaastu Vidya

DurationOne Month

Class Duration 2 hrs per class

Course FeesRs. 20000/-

Exam ChargesRs. 300/-

 Introduction of Vaastu

History of Vaastu

Glimpses of Oriental Vaastu literature

Growth of Vaastu

Vaastu & Today

Scientific approach to Vaastu

Laws of nature

Various energies & forces

Scientific phenomenon & fundamentals

Bioenergetics & Bio environment

Fundamentals of healthy house

Theoretical approach to Vaastu

Vaastu purush mandala & Paramshayika

Five element theory

Vaastu & Astrology

God association with directions

Mystique qualities of Vaastu Shastra

Basics of Vaastu & Directions

Directions & Corners

Uses & types of magnetic compass

Various entries

Levels & weights

Open spaces and balconies

Dry & wet zones

Various shapes of plots

Selection of land and soil test

Veedhi shoola

Angles, inclinations & extensions

Shermukhi & Gaumukhi plots

Location & Surroundings

Understanding Residential  placements

Recommended Placements in the plot & building

Not recommended Placements in the plot & building

Historical case studies

Introduction to inclined, diagonal & double diagonal plot

Practical Vaastu

Puja room




Children’s room

Study room

Drawing room

 Corrective measures & techniques-I

Effects of good & bad vaastu

Major & minor Vaastu defects

Corrective measures

Corrective techniques

Introduction to pyravaastu

Role of colours, plants & trees

Scientific approach to colours

Auspicious plants & trees

Decluttering & its importance


 Advance Vaastu Vidya + Feng Shui

DurationTwo Months

Class Duration2 hrs per class

Course FeesRs. 20000/-

Exam ChargesRs. 300/-

Tools, Devices & Instruments

Introduction to scientific instruments

a) Lecher antenna

b) Kirlian camera

c) EMF detector

d) Acmopol

e) Dowsing tools

f) Magnetic compass

Enhancing tools & devices

Vaastu for enhancing

Pyramids & Pyravaastu

Definition of pyramid

The pyramid of Giza

Mystic geometry

Orientation of Pyramid

Healing thru Pyramid

Pyramid energy test

Comprehensive Pyravaastu

Feng Shui


Form, compass & black hat school

Yin & Yang

Theory of five elements

Loshu grid

Eight trigram method

Animal symbolism

Constructive & destructive cycles

Feng Shui tips

Vaastu & Feng Shui-a comparision

Understanding Commercial & Industrial placements

Recommended Placements in the plot & building

Not recommended Placements in the plot & building

Inclined, diagonal & double diagonal plots

Healthy Home

Concept of healthy home

Healthy homes & Vaastu

Gaia hypothesis


Holistic architecture

Building biology & human ecology

Material selection

Health & safety issues

Corrective measures & techniques-II

Corrective measures

Corrective techniques

Pre & post Vaastu corrections

Case Studies



Professional Vaastu Vidya


DurationTwo Months

Class Duration 2 hrs per class

Course FeesRs. 28000/-

Exam ChargesRs. 300/-

Revision of level I & II

Vaastu principles

Major & minor defects

Inclined and Diagonal plots

Art of corrective methodology

Practical approach to Vaastu

Multistoried and apartments

Shopping malls & complexes

Group housing

Personality development and Vaastu presentation

Qualities of Vaastuvidh

Ethics of professional practice

Communication skills

Personality development

Vaastu report & Audits

Vaastu ratings

Preparation of drawings

Architectural & interior drawings

Editing & preparing drawings

Preparing reports

Practical and Site Visits

Practical Vaastu audit site visit

a) Industrial

b) Commercial

c) Residential

Corrective measures & techniques-III

Advance corrective measures & techniques

Case Studies


Diploma in Vaastu Shastra (LEVEL I + II + III)

DurationFour-Five Months

Class Duration2 hrs per class

Course FeesRs. 45000/-

Exam Charges Rs. 300/-

Learning Vaastu Shastra through Distance Learning (ONLY LEVEL I & II)

Duration- Two Months

Course Fees – Rs. 35000/-

Learning about Lecher Antenna

Duration – Two Weeks

Class Duration – 2 hrs per class

Course Fees – Rs. 10000/-