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Dr. Chandra Kant Sharma


Dr. Chandra Kant Sharma is amongst the few consultants in India who expertise in corrections without annihilation. With an in-depth experience of more than 3 decades he is effectively addressing problems of clients. He has rich knowledge base in the arenas of Astrology, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Gemology and allied science. Dr. Sharma uses world class scientific tools & instruments to deal with clients issues. The instruments are geopathic stress gauge, digital computerized energy scanning, cosmo-telluric sensor, E.M.F. sensor and many more.

Educational & Work Qualification

Dr. Sharma has achieved expeditious qualifications from some of the well-known institutes of India. He has the degree of MA, LL.B., MBA, M.Phil. and Ph. D. He has also been awarded 2nd Doctorate degree by the IICM Hyderabad in the year 2010. Besides this, Dr. Chandrakant Sharma has been closely associated with various renowned institutions of the country and overseas.

Traveling experience

Dr. Sharma has traveled more than 72 countries and has been to every state of the India for his work. 

Scientific Approach

Dr. Sharma's core strength is scientific and logical explanations of the astrological problems, vaastu factors and related problems. He uses most advanced tools and equipment such as Aura Scanning, Digital Compass, Bio Feedback Meter, Pendulum Dowser and Lecher Antenna.

Ms.Shaeyna Bansal

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 Ms.Shaeyna Bansal is full time associated with BIVA as a Consultant & Lecturer (Numerology, Vaastu & Feng-Shui). After doing advance diploma in Vaastu, she has done specialization in Advance Crystal Therapy and Colors. Amongst the few mentors in India who know how to do modifications without obliteration. With an  experience of more than 5 years she achieved a very vast knowledge in the Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Crystals, Colors, Aroma Therapy and allied science.She has done her research on " Residential Vaastu", Crystals and Colors. She also conducts various Seminars, Lectures on Vaastu, Crystals and Numerology. She has a very good strength on the Scientific tools such as Lecher Antenna, Dowser and Digital Compass.

The Faculty's main aim then and now is to raise the standard of astrological education. Since its establishment, the Faculty has become known face as a first class astrological teaching body and Ms.Shaeyna Bansal, is among the most highly valued and recognised in the arena of Vaastu-Shastra.